Sunday, October 30, 2011

Occupy Poetry

All of the words in this poem are drawn, in chronological order, from the quotes in Lizzie Widdicombe's Talk of the Town piece on the Occupy Wall Street protestors in The New Yorker of October 24, 2011

Something good will come out of it
Don’t get me wrong
But it’s not good for business.

(We would like to find
A sign language interpreter
Available in the here and now.)

Honestly, it’s great here
We’re well-fed
Warm at night.
I’ve made more friends here
Than I did in college.

Here we are in Liberty Plaza
And we’re trying to keep liberty going on this planet
And, actually,
This planet is in dire jeopardy.

(Think of all the reasons 
you didn’t want to be doing this!)

You have a right to protest
Brookfield, they have some rights too.

Fuck that.

I’m excited to be defending this space
We never knew
How publicly accessible
This kind of park would be
And now we’re testing it

It’s kind of fun.

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